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Why Do People Choose a Hydro Flask?

hydro flask hydration bottles
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The answer lies in a combination of these 3 factors:

1) Today's huge cultural push-back from consumers against sugary, non-water beverages.

2) A growing concern over the volume of single-use plastic bottles ending up in our landfills and oceans.

For example, 91% of all plastic is NOT recycled according to this article.

3) A rising anxiety over the micro plastics and toxic chemicals leaching out of plastics that we use daily.

Along comes Hydro Flask who tapped into this, and started pushing themselves as a reliable alternative to all that plastic, particularly against single-use bottled water. In other words, the brand is now associated with "eco-friendly".

Not only were they selling a "reusable" water bottle, the design of their bottle offered fun and bright colors. Their name is memorable and their logo is recognizable.

Thermos had already figured out how to keep things cold or hot with their vacuum-sealed, double-wall invention. And while it is a well-known name, Thermos today seems "old school" and simply doesn't associate with "cool" or "eco-friendly" like Hydro Flask does.

If you see someone carrying a Hydro Flask, what do you immediately think of? The answer is probably "healthy water habits".

Interested in more detail on how Hydro Flask became so popular?

Watch this informative video from FutureProof:

In the past couple of years, we've seen it. More and more people carrying their Hydro Flask bottles, keeping them prominently displayed, as if it is a fashion piece.

The item is now part of a lifestyle. It says "I am eco-conscious", "I have healthy hydration habits" or "I am fit" and that is why Hydro Flask is so popular.

How do you make a great water bottle greater?

You carry it with a colorful paracord handle and attach it to a straw lid from Gearproz.

Makes your bottle personal.

Makes it easier to carry.

Prevents dropping.

Less dropping means less dents.


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