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5 Home Storage Tips To Help You Organize Your Reusable Water Bottles

Do you have a lot of reusable water bottles and find yourself struggling to keep them organized? If so, you're not alone!

It's great to have plenty of hydration options, but it gets hard to keep track of your water bottles and accessories without a concrete plan. Luckily, these simple tips can help make the process a little bit easier. Keep reading to learn about five home storage solutions that will help you take control of your disorganized water bottles.

1) Start With a "Home" In Mind

When organizing your water bottles, it is essential to have a "home" in mind. This will help you keep track of the bottles and ensure that they are always stored in the same place. A good home for your water bottles is a cabinet or shelf near the kitchen sink.

What makes a "home" different from any cabinet or shelf in your kitchen? The space you declare as a "home" for your water bottles should be only reserved for water bottles. Any other items, including drinking cups, plates, and dishes, need to be removed. The photo above gives a perfect example and is a 4-tiered rack you can fit a lot of bottles on!

Designating a unique space for just your water bottles is an excellent way to declutter your kitchen. If every item is assigned a unique space, anything that doesn't fit should be evaluated for effectiveness and discarded.

2) Use a Wall-Hanging Shoe Organizer

While we'd all love to have enough unused space in our kitchens to assign an entire cupboard to just reusable water bottles, it's clear that's not the case for every home. Households with numerous members and even more reusable water bottles will have to get creative when finding storage for water bottles. If this describes your home, consider using a wall-hanging shoe organizer as a quick solution.

When hung over the pantry door or secured to the fridge with magnets, a shoe organizer can hold 18-20 water bottles. If you need more capacity, consider using two organizers side-by-side. Shoe organizers are ideal for storing water bottles because they use empty wall space that would otherwise go unused.

Another advantage of using a shoe organizer is that the clear pockets make it easy to see which water bottles are available and identify any that need to be cleaned. This home improvement project is cheap, easy, and instantly effective.

3) Repurpose an Old Wine Rack

Repurposing an old wine rack can be an attractive way to store your water bottles. An empty wine rack can be used to store up to 12 water bottles, and it can be placed almost anywhere in your kitchen.

Just like the shoe organizer, an empty wine rack to assign a water bottles-only space in your kitchen. This way, the bottles can be out of the way yet easily accessible.

4) Create a Space For Water Bottle Accessories

If you're using a reusable water bottle with a filter or other accessories, it's crucial to have a designated space for these items. A small drawer near your "home" for the water bottles can be used to store filters, lids, straws, handles, and anything else that goes along with your bottles.

If you don't have a spare drawer, plenty of creative solutions work just as well.

For the examples above, several paracord handles and straw lids could be held in a pocket of the shoe organizer. Likewise, a document tube could be repurposed as a storage vessel for water bottle accessories and would easily fit into a wine bottle rack.

5) Organize Water Bottles Where They're Used

Another way to keep track of your water bottles is to organize them where they're used most. If you have a water bottle that you take with you to work, keep it on your desk or near where you store your car keys.

The same goes for any bottles that are used during workouts. If you have several water bottles that fit in bicycle bottle cages, consider returning them to your bike after they've been cleaned. This way, they'll already be where you need them when it's time for a ride.

Make Water Bottle Clutter a Problem of the Past

Reusable water bottles are convenient and eco-friendly—as long as they stay organized. By using some of the tips we shared here, you can create designated spaces for your water bottles and accessories so that everything is easy to find and within reach. And once you've gotten started, be sure to keep up with regular maintenance so that bottle clutter never becomes an issue again.

So, do you feel ready to get organized?


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