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How to Assemble
a FlaskCaddy™
Large Bottle Holder for Cars

How to Install a HydroCord® Handle

2 Tips for Easier HydroCord Installation 

A MUST-SEE if you're having any trouble installing the plastic ring on your wide mouth bottle!


(Step by step visual guide)

Step 1: Pull the cord wide open (as shown). It must be bigger than the plastic safety ring so it does not get in the way.


Step 2: Make sure the cord is loose and lying BELOW the plastic ring.


Step 3: Press on this spot with both thumbs, tucking the plastic ring UNDER the metal lip of the bottle.


Step 4: Move your thumbs around the ring (see red arrows), tucking the plastic ring UNDER the metal lip as you go around.


Step 5: Once you get close to the end, free up a hand so you can TUG HARD on the carabiner (downward) to snap that last section of ring into place.

NOTE: If you have trouble here, get a friend to pull the carabiner down while you use both your hands to snap the ring into place.


Step 6: Once the plastic ring is snapped into place, and the cord is laying nicely underneath it, you are done!


If the ring isn't sitting level but is bending downward, push up on it with your thumbs to make it level.


It should look like the photo you see here.



(Thanks for asking!)

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  • How do you wash the handle when it gets dirty?
    Our handles are made of nylon paracord rope. They can be washed by hand using warm, soapy water, then dried by air. You can remove it from your bottle to wash it if you like, but it is not required on a daily basis. Also, it is safe to run the HydroCord or HydroNet in a dishwasher, as long as you secure it from being tossed about. The more you remove and re-install your HydroCord, the easier it gets.
  • The whistle on my HydroCord doesn’t work. What do I do?
    Normally, the whistle works if you put it to your mouth, close your lips tight and blow into it. See photo. It has a small, open area for air to flow. If this is blocked, then take a small, sharp pointed tool (like an ice pick or small phillips screwdriver) and poke a hole in it. Now try again blowing air through the whistle. If still no sound comes out, the whistle component is most likely defective. And because we provide a lifetime warranty, contact us and we will send you a brand new replacement. Either fill out the form online to contact us or send us an email directly:
  • Is the HydroCord compatible with all water bottles?
    No. The HydroCord is designed to fit only bottles with a “wide mouth” opening (2.28”) that has a metal lip. The metal lip is required as it is what the HydroCord’s safety ring snaps onto to make it hold securely.
  • Have there been problems with the handle coming loose?
    Sure, there have. But know this. When our HydroCord or HydroNet carriers are installed correctly, you will experience no problem with them coming loose. None. In fact, that is why we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and can confidently promise that it will not loosen or fall off your bottle. Please refer to the directions included in your packaging on how to install for a secure fit. Or even better, scroll above to the top of this page where you will find a) two short videos, and b) a step-by-step visual guide. Please let us know if this helps or doesn't. If you are in doubt whatsoever if your HydroCord or HydroNet carrier is installed correctly, please reach out to us with a photo. We will get back to you within 24 hours:
  • Does the paracord handle get in the way when you take a drink from your water bottle?
    No. The handle is not fixed into place. It can be moved as you wish, while securely holding your bottle. You can lay it in a downward direction, or place on the opposite side of your drinking spout or straw.
  • I installed the HydroCord and now my lid leaks. What do I do?
    Yikes! If your lid is leaking, then something is wrong with how you installed it. Please remove the handle. The HydroCord handle contains a plastic ring that snaps on UNDERNEATH the metal lip of the bottle, which means it does not touch or influence the lid or the seal in any way. See photo. Please reinstall by referring to our instructions (see above, on this web page).
  • Will the handle hold a big 64 oz Hydro Flask growler when it’s full of liquid and ice?
    Yes, without a problem. When it comes to the 64 oz Hydro Flask, you have 2 options: Our HydroCord handle fits securely around the wide mouth opening. It snaps on directly underneath the metal lip of the bottle. Note: Our HydroCord works on all wide Hydro Flasks, from small to big (12 oz to 64 oz) as the mouth openings all have the same diameter which is 2.28 inches.) Our HydroNet carrier is designed to hold the 64 oz Hydro Flask. You simply place your bottle inside the net and close up (tighten) the loop at the top. You can carry it by hand using the short handle or attach the shoulder strap when you want to be hands-free. The net also provides a bit of protection from dings and dents.
  • Do you have a handle for the Bear Grylls (20 oz) water bottle?
    That's a yes. Our HydroCord handle will snap onto the Bear Grylls bottle, the one that has a wide mouth opening and a metal lip. It fits perfectly! See photo.
  • How much paracord is inside a HydroCord handle?
    When fully unravelled, there are 2 separate lengths of paracord rope (as shown below. Cord #1 = 5 ft. 9 in. and Cord #2 = 8 ft. 10 in. Total = 14 feet 7 inches. Each cord is made up of 7 inner nylon strands, which are in turn, made up of 3 finer strands each. Paracord is a useful survival tool for a multitude of situations. If you ever need to unravel your HydroCord for an emergency, Gearproz will replace it for FREE! (See our packaging for details.)
  • How do I tell if I have an authentic HydroCord handle (not a knock-off version)?
    It's pretty easy to tell. Our "HydroCord" logo is embossed into the safety ring and the word "Gearproz" shows on our carabiner and cord stopper. "HydroCord" is a trademark registered and owned by Gearproz, Inc. Also, our product comes with a lifetime replacement warranty—yes, really—which other sellers do not offer.
  • Why does water "spurt out" the top of the lid?
    There are a few reasons this might happen: When the bottle is less than full, and placed in a hot car or climate, the air inside the bottle warms up and expands. This builds a little pressure inside the bottle. When the mouthpiece is opened, that pressure releases and a little water gets pushed up, out through the top. Changing altitude can cause this. If you drive from the mountains down to sea level, water can spurt out when opening the mouthpiece. Another example is if you fill up the bottle at the airport before boarding, then open the mouthpiece during flight at a high altitude, water will tend to spurt out the top of the mouthpiece. If you fill the bottle up to the very top of the rim, water will splash out as you tighten the lid. Then when you open the mouthpiece to take a sip, some of that extra water will "spurt out".


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