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Can You Guess the Top Selling Water Bottle for the 2019 Holiday Season?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

While we preach "make a great water bottle greater" with our HydroCord handles, today we're asking another question:

"What makes a great water bottle?"

In our opinion, a great water bottle would:

  • be reusable

  • easy to clean

  • easy to drink from

  • durable and designed for daily use

  • double wall vacuum sealed (so as to keep liquid warm OR cold)

  • it would not "sweat" (meaning not get wet on the outside as does a glass container)

  • made of high grade stainless steel (one that doesn't transmit flavors or odors into your beverage)

  • comes in a wide array of colors and sizes

Well, surprise, surprise!

The top selling brand on Amazon right now checks off all the above... it's Hydro Flask.

See Hydro Flask bottles here on

It is by far not the cheapest brand (the cost is around $45 for a 32 oz bottle), but they are certainly well made.

And unlike most brands, Hydro Flask bottles come with a limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects for the life of the product.

In summary, we think a Hydro Flask is a good investment in your hydration and health. So if you want to give someone a great holiday gift, then we think this is a great water bottle.

Remember too, you can make it even greater with our HydroCord® handles and HydroNet® carriers, made for Hydro Flask... also on sale at Amazon!

If you have any questions which handle will fit your bottle, feel free to reach out to us: We're here to help!

DISCLAIMER: Gearproz is not affiliated in any way with Hydro Flask or any other bottle manufacturer. HydroCord® and HydroNet® products are developed by Gearproz, Inc. and are compatible with multiple water bottle brands.


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