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Hydro Flask — New vs. Old

You may be curious to know what is the difference between the old Hydro Flask wide mouth bottle and the new one. That is... if you were aware at all that there was a change.

There has been a change, sometimes referred to as a "refresh" or "Hydro Flask 2.0". These bottles started rolling out at the very beginning of 2020.

As far as keeping your drink icy cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours, rest assured, that is still the case with the new bottle design. What changed is as follows.

The 3 Basic Differences With the New Hydro Flask:

Again, we are referring to their wide mouth bottle.

1) It's dishwasher safe

Their Color Last™ proprietary powder coat is now dishwasher safe. Your bottle stays slip-free and colorful, no matter where you take it.

2) There are slight changes in the bottle's shape

They got rid of the metal "lip" around the top of the neck. Instead, it is a flat band.

At the bottom edge of the flask, it is slightly more curved than before. See photo below.

3) The trademark symbol was removed

The registered trademark symbol has been removed from both the logo and wordmark. And the logo of the "water man" is slightly smaller.

In the words of Hydro Flask:

"We've elevated the silhouette and modernized the design of our Wide Mouth bottles to align with the rest of our bottle lineup. This evolution comes without compromising performance — cold stays icy cold for 24 hours, and hot stays piping hot for 12 — just like always. There are a few differences in the new design, as noted by the below graphics."

Here's Our Take on These Changes:

1) Dishwasher safe: The reformulated powder coat means it doesn’t fade or change color if you wash it in the dishwasher. That's great. The old bottles were not dishwasher safe. But with all that said, we don't recommend washing in your machine. We always prefer scrubbing by hand to get it really clean (see our other article).

2) Changes in shape: While removing the protruding metal lip around the neck gave the bottle a cleaner look, it ruffled feathers of people who were accustomed to carrying their Hydro Flask with a paracord handle. We have been hearing from them for the past several months. Paracord handles, no matter what brand, were using that metal lip to attach to. Without it, they simply can't be used.

Secondly, you cannot use their older "flat cap lid" on the new bottle. These are harder to find these days anyway, so that is somewhat a moot point.

3) Smaller trademark: Most people take no notice.


Along with the upgraded bottles came an upgraded price. You'll pay a few dollars more for a Hydro Flask 2.0. If you ever see them on sale, know that it's a good time to purchase one.

Old style Hydro Flasks can usually be found at authorized retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods, REI, Tillys, college bookstores, Amazon, etc. but we expect eventually, those will sell out. So we can all now move on and embrace the new, sleeker design.

And that we did.

A New Gearproz Handle Is Born

We went through a lot of trial and error until we found a way to use a paracord handle with these new bottles. It wasn't easy, as it required that there be something for the paracord strap to attach to.

And that is why—and when—and how—our straw lid with handle was born. Our design (patent pending) features rotating "ears" that attach to a clip-on paracord strap. This makes the handle easy to grab, to hold, and then when you place your bottle down, the handle falls down into place out of your way.

It's easy to remove the strap for cleaning or to change it out for a different color.

The wide mouth LID + HANDLE costs $19.99, but you get a lot with it:

  1. A no-leak, no-noise, impressive suction straw lid

  2. Paracord handle

  3. 2 straws

  4. Straw cleaning brush

  5. Detachable shoulder strap (great for freeing up your hands)

Same goes for the standard mouth version, except it's priced a bit less at $19.50.


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