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What Makes YETI Unique?


Athletes and hikers alike know just how critical it is to stay hydrated, especially within the physically-stressful environments that they place themselves into. It’s no surprise, then, that they’d need reusable water bottles that last them for as long as possible. This was the context in which YETI® was created.


Founded by two Texan brothers in 2006, the company served to appeal to those who enjoyed the outdoors by selling coolers and bottles specifically designed for them in mind. It all started with the vision of a better performing cooler—one that wasn't subpar and would withstand abuse on water and on land.


Over the next few years, the brand steadily expanded until its products reached every corner of the nation. Becoming recognized as a mainstream brand, it has garnered a large and devoted following (particularly among outdoors enthusiasts).

Today, YETI offers a wide range of products:


Hard coolers, soft coolers, ice buckets, lunch bags, tumblers, bottles, mugs, jugs, barware, can insulators, tote bags, backpacks, camp chairs, blankets... and last but not least, dog bowls and beds.


It’s not difficult to understand why. With an extremely durable build, a YETI product seems able to survive just about anything that nature could put it through. Of course, sheer strength is not the only prominent feature that makes this brand quite so appealing.


All Bottles Are Not Created Equal

A lot of people think a water bottle is a water bottle. Not the case. The YETI drinkware line consists of a variety of styles—and all are different from each other:

For simplicity, this article will focus on their water bottles.

Rambler Bottle Features

The YETI bottles (we're referring to what they call Ramblers) come in a few different sizes: 12 oz, 18 oz26 oz and 36 oz, plus a 12 oz "Rambler Jr." for kids. All of these can be customized if you want, but more on that later.

YETI bottles can be purchased on Amazon or at


Each bottle contains double-wall vacuum insulation, brought about in part to its 18/8 (meaning approximately 18% chromium and 8% nickel) pro-grade stainless steel.


As a result, hot beverages are kept hot and cold ones are kept cold. If you wanted to go out for, say, a trek through the woods or a fishing expedition in the early hours of the morning, you’d be able to carry along whatever warm drink you’d so prefer. (Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate are just a few ideas).


Similarly, on those blazing hot summer days when you want to play an outdoor sport, placing iced water into your bottle will keep it cool for when you need a quick refreshment.


What’s more, Ramblers are “taste-resistant”—whatever liquid you pour into it won’t linger if you want to put a different one in it. For example, drinking a latte in your bottle shouldn't affect the taste of the lemonade that you put in it afterward. There will be no trace of the liquid you last put into your YETI once you are finished drinking (and cleaning) it. Thus, each time you drink a new beverage is like doing so from an entirely new bottle.


Another added benefit is brought about by the brand’s No Sweat™ Design, which prevents condensation from forming on the bottle’s exterior. You will thus never have to worry about getting moisture on your hands from your ice water (or burning your hands from a hot beverage, for that matter. The insulation keeps your drink either hot or cold while simultaneously unaffecting the bottle’s outer layer).


As discussed above, YETI bottles are renowned for their durability (which makes sense, considering their namesake is the mythical abominable snowman himself). The powder coating that covers the bottles helps ensure that any drop or scratch will not inflict severe damage. While many other brands contain this powder coating (and are thus advertised as profoundly durable), YETI still manages to come out on top.


A "drop test" conducted by Camino Adventures concluded that Hydro Flasks were more susceptible to dents than YETI bottles. This makes sense considering the fact that YETI, as a whole, is representative of the outdoors and the ruggedness that is so often associated with it.


All Ramblers come with a five-year warranty. Not only should Ramblers last you for a lifetime, but you have plenty of time to return them if something with it goes awry. Indeed, a purchase from YETI is arguably among the most secure ones you can make within the water bottle industry.



If you aren't impressed by now, then perhaps the wide range of accessories will appeal to you. There are not just 2 or 3 cap accessories, but 6 distinct (and, like the bottle itself, dishwasher-safe) caps that can all be fitted onto any Rambler.

YETI caps can be purchased on Amazon or at


Chug Cap: This is ideal if you want to quickly take a large swig of your drink. You simply have to twist the cap’s handle and raise it to your mouth to cool down. (Keep in mind, however, that this cap is not designed to be used with hot beverages. Instead, use ice to maximize your overall refreshment).

Hotshot Cap: As the name implies, this cap is meant to be used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee. (This is not to say that you can’t pour cold drinks into the bottle, but know that it was specifically created to contain warmer ones). Unlike with any other cap, the Hotshot actually allows you to sip your drink from literally any side or angle of the bottle, allowing the most convenience possible.


Straw Cap: With this cap, you can merely flick the straw up and drink (no twisting required). This is particularly helpful when you are in motion and need to take a quick sip of your beverage. Depending on your bottle size, you need to cut the straw proportional to the height of the Rambler. Like the Chug Cap, it is not recommended for hot or carbonated drinks.


Cup Cap: What makes this cap stand out from the rest is that, like the bottle itself, it is insulated. Hot beverages will thus be kept that way for even longer thanks to the cap’s heat-locking technology. The plus here is that this cap works as a cup you can drink from.


Magdock: Arguably the most innovative of all the caps, this builds upon the Chug Cap by using magnets to attach the cap to the lid of the bottle. If you’re someone who is particularly prone to losing things (or simply has anxiety regarding such), the Magdock may be the best cap for you due the added security that it provides.


TripleHaul Cap: At this writing, this cap is still available, but has been replaced by the Chug Cap (above). YETI posted on their FAQ page, "once existing inventory of Rambler Bottles with TripleHaul™ Cap have been sold, all 18, 26, and 36 oz bottles sold will include the Chug Cap."


Whichever cap(s) you choose to use should revolve around your individual needs and desires.




As if all that wasn’t enough, YETI also allows you to extensively customize your Rambler. What makes its personalization process particularly unique is that it allows you to place any text, design, or logo on a bottle for $5 per side.


Photo courtesy of


You can add your initials, an icon of your state, or any message (as long as it’s not considered lewd or offensive) in any font you’d want. Couple this with the wide range of colors that each bottle can come in (copper and seafoam are just a few), and you have yourself just as much of an artistic canvas as you do a reusable water bottle. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Bottle Maintenance


More recently, Yeti’s bottles are dishwasher-friendly. No time will have to be spent on cleaning a Rambler by hand; instead, you can simply place it into your machine and have it sanitized for you.


While washing by hand is indeed an effective way of disposing of bacteria, allowing your dishwasher to clean it for you significantly reduces the risk of any germs lingering around.


If you can’t get a persistent coffee or tea stain out of your Rambler just by using the dishwasher alone, Yeti has created something to assist you: Cleaning Tablets ($14.99 for a pack of 8). These helpful chemicals form solutions that work to eradicate stains. 


It is highly recommended to use multiple tablets, let the Rambler soak, and then scrub and rinse afterwards. This simple process significantly increases the likelihood of the stain being completely removed. 



One factor to keep in mind when deciding upon a YETI water bottle (or any reusable water bottle, really), is going to be cost.


Ramblers range anywhere from $29.99 (for the 12 oz) to $54.99 (for the 36 oz). These prices are certainly on the higher end and are comparable to those of Hydro Flask® bottles.


Those prices do not take into account the cost of any caps you may wish to acquire (with the exception of the Cup Cap, all of them are $12.99) and any detailing you can have printed on the bottle.


Thus, determining whether or not a YETI bottle and its accessories are within your budget is something you'll consider, no doubt. 


We believe that YETI’s loyal fanbase is justified in its existence. The Ramblers have so many convenient and beneficial features that its appeal extends far beyond the outdoors enthusiasts.


Its price tags may be higher than most, but the quality of the bottle itself is earns it. One thing is for sure: a Rambler will last you for a very long while. If you desire a reusable water bottle that is not only durable but also insulates whatever beverage you put it in and is able to be personalized to your heart’s content, consider a YETI.

A Paracord Carrier Helps

For lugging your YETI 26 oz or 36 oz Rambler in the great outdoors, our paracord net includes a detachable shoulder strap. Comes in handy when your hands are full with lots of gear. Not to mention you will drop it less! Less dropping means less dents. See details here.


DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with YETI or any other bottle manufacturer. This page is provided as an informational guide on various bottle manufacturers and does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by YETI or any other brands.  Sometimes we will link to products being sold and if you make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. 

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