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Our handles make it easier for you to go places.

Our Story

There we were, climbing the top of Mount Everest, reaching up for one step higher... when just as I was making my last ascent... something very tragic occurred. My expensive stainless steel water bottle slipped from my hand and tumbled down 29,000 feet to the bottom. Boom. Crash. Never to be seen again. :(

Just kidding... that is not a true story.


We are two friends who founded Gearproz in 2014. And yes, like other entrepreneurs, we started out in a garage. In Silicon Valley as a matter of fact.

What inspired us wasn't so much our enthusiasm for the outdoors, it was discovering the fact how much proper hydration can improve your health. But it was always a hassle to drink enough water daily when living a busy, active lifestyle. 

Reusable bottles are the answer of course, and there are plenty of these available on the market. BUT... no matter how great the bottles performed, we could not find ONE that was comfortable to carry around, from here to there, while going about our day-to-day activities. 

And that gave birth to a new purpose: to create a convenient way to carry a water bottle comfortably, so you always have water with you wherever you go. And that solves the hydration problem. Now, we never leave home without our water bottle, and neither should you!

Our HydroCord® and HydroNet® carriers that you see today are the result of several years of paying attention to our customers' needs, listening to their feedback, and continuously improving our products. And that's how we evolved into what we are today— the "go-to" resource for great water bottle handles.

Gearproz is now an established brand on, with the highest customer ratings for our paracord handles. Our products are also sold in 40 brick-and-mortar stores across the US.

If our water bottle handles and accessories inspire you to take your water bottle with you wherever you go—so you stay hydrated and healthier—then we have accomplished our goal.


Karen Dippel and Donna Stewart

Co-founders, Gearproz Inc. 


UNLIMITED Lifetime Replacement Warranty:

If anything happens to your handle or net, contact us and we'll replace it! Email:


ADDITIONAL WARRANTY: If you find yourself in an emergency situation and have to unravel your paracord handle or net, send us a picture and brief story—we'll replace it for FREE!

Need anything? We're here to help!

If you are curious if any of our handles will fit onto your bottle, or you have a question about a purchase you made, let us know!


(408) 675-1209

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